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FIFA Is Too Rotten To Fix

Is there a more hated institution in the world that is not related to government, terrorism or religion, than FIFA?

AB27Nobody was surprised by Wednesday’s arrests. Some innocents are surprised that it took this long. I am surely in the majority who feels that the best analogy for FIFA is that of a rotten apple, first infiltrated by maggots, and now fit only for them. As with a rotten apple, the best that can come of it is that a seed germinates and a new fruit baring tree grows from its rotting flesh.

They have no credibility but much power. An honest organisation would care that it was as untrusted as it is hated. But with the vast sums of money there to be pillaged, and until recently, no accountability, why should they care? The officials were enriched and untouchable – protected by Swiss Corporate law.

A big thanks to all involved in this investigation. A further big thank you to the highly honourable Luis Figo for his May 21st Facebook post regarding his candidacy for the FIFA Presidency.

This is all good, but surely only a beginning.

I call upon the organisations in Europe, South America and elsewhere, to create a new world governing body. Leave FIFA. Have nothing to do with the Russian or Qatari tournaments.

When something is so ruined and rotten, it is the only course of action that can set things back on the right track.

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